Delhi RWA’s for imroving public transport system first before implementing odd/even car number formula

Several Resident Welfare Associations (RWA’s) in the capital have stressed on the need of first improving the public transport infrastructure before implementing the Delhi Government’s proposed ‘odd/even’ number formula (license plate driving ) for cars to cut pollution in the capital . The move is planned to be rolled out from January 1, 2016.

“ Similar License -plate driving bans such as the one proposed in Delhi have failed to check air pollution in various cities world wide including Paris, Bagota, Beijing and Mexico city. According to analysis of various data. In fact, arbitrary restrictions have been shown to make air pollution worse in the long term.” Said Mr Varinder Arora, Convenor, Delhi Residents Forum.

“ Odd /Even number running licence plate schemes operate in many cities, including Athens, Beijing and Mexico City. Some ban cars every second day, others once a week. But drivers have inevitably circumvent restrictions by buying cheap, inefficient cars and more polluting vehicles with opposing number plates resulting in more adverse effect on air quality.” Said Mr Arora.

“ In Delhi pollution is weather linked more in winters , The weather changes all the time, the emissions change all the time and trying to pin down whether a particular odd even vehicle license scheme works in Delhi or causes mass disruption as suddenly from Jnauary 1, 2016, one will not be allowed to move” said Mr V N Bali, of East Delhi Residents Welfare Federation.

“ More over the pollution problem in Delhi is from Diesel trucks coming in unrestricted rather than private vehicles, Government should promote more use of public transport by improving it and force car manufacturers to develop efficient cars and give incentives to consumers to buy such cars” added Rajiv Kakria, of GK 1 RWA.

“The current public transport system is insufficient to make up for the increase ridership expected from the scheme” said Mr Ritesh Dewan of Shalimar Bagh RWA