Vijay K. Saluja

Senior Fellow , Institute of Social Sciences , New Delhi
& Ex Chief Engineer [civil], New Delhi Municipal Council

When newly constructed buildings were falling
And frashly laid surfaces[on roads] were spalling,
Difficult, it was
To be a mute spectator
Counselled my conscience,
come out of your stupor
And act.
And act, I did
By slipping the lid,
off the can,
of the shady goings-on,
Of my seniors & peers
Lo and behold,
There were reprisals galore
With the full gang
Shouting encore!
Intra-senior rivalries
Were forgotten by many,
And all of them galvanized
To fight a common enemy.
New weapons of treachery
Were assembled,
And the organization resembled
A battery of artillery
Tons of falsehood were expended,
To crush an ounce of truth
But,  truth, you know, is like the phoenix
Which rises afresh from its ashes
And is not bound by sashes
Though, there is ammunition aplenty
But of one thing, I am sure
Yes, very sure
On which others could crib,
That all of this, would prove to be
A damp-squib.