Delhi getting dressed up to take historical decision to set new rules for new elected Nagar Sevaks/ Servants.

Rakesh Manchanda

Delhi People it appears are getting ready to take historical decision to set new rules for new elected Nagar Sevaks / Servants. Till date since past six decades people with a strange fear with no choice were forced to issue blank advance cheques to the winner Congress or BJP MLAs.

Who foots the privilege bills and salary to elected peoples representatives? Where does the money comes from ?

While direct tax collection in India is pegged at Rs 4,500 crore, indirect taxes could raise Rs 45,940 crores in the last budget 2011-12. You need not be a student of Economics to see that indirect taxes are a huge burden on the people, while the low direct tax rates were a relief for the rich.

Poor do not pay direct tax due to less income but are forced or unknowingly pay rising indirect taxes. This means the salaries and perks given to elected leaders comes from the indirect VAT taxes generated by workers and common man and not rich income tax payers.

Elected servants in any country are full time service coordinators to run the governance and fulfil promises. Like it or not they are paid employees who do not work like a common man in a productive wheels from agricultural fields to factories. Elected representative of people are supposed to monitor just distribution of wealth with effective laws in the various wheels of productions and consumption. Common man works hard to generate wealth and more jobs and foots bills of his elected servants.

At present there is no trend of servants going back to masters to get the weekly or monthly audit. New fashion which appears is :

Stop issuing unsafe blank cheques to Delhi servants for five years. Reason ? It is very difficult to monitor growth and expenses from majority pockets after five years. In a usual employee-employer relationship blank cheque or cash audit needs to cleared after every five days.

Thanks to the new political breeze. With entry of AAP there appears a guarantee to ask the servants to explain the social and cost audit say after every five weeks.

Eight past days were spend by Delhi voters with a Governance deadlock.Bang On ! people in big crowds now hang out to dress up as real masters for the first time to celebrate their new freedom. The mission for referdrum was a guidance to new servants in Jan Sabhas called by AAP.

Participation and consultancy is the new buzz word and Peoples Parliaments with directives are getting shaped up fast.

Many people find it ridiculous and comical as to why the royal elected leaders should come back to the real masters. It appears that such people in minority are either in a mischief mode or are still in a state of fear of past ruling elite. They are not ready to wear the master`s shoes and exercise control on the servants. Disunited and weak citizens in the past were forced to allow their elected servants to serve the 1% but from the hidden back door. Post election scenario in the past would mean money in hidden power citadels getting exchanged and poaching was fashionable.

Distance between governance and People is drastically reduced. Speed of people empowerment is amazing. Battle of peoples referendum via sms, mails is won but the real war for justice and Governance is still to begin.

Delhi which was unhappy to be named as unsafe rape city is getting ready for a new process. People are redefining their relationship with `Netas` as law makers who used to treat voters as their servants while forcing them to pay blank cheques. In the past leaders advised voters to come back after five years. Commons in Delhi were engaged with their own daily honest survival therefore short cuts and outsourcing solutions while getting reduced to `audience` was normal.

Work culture from Mantry (Minister) to Santry(Peon) needs to be corrected first with a clear link to productivity and pending home work of 18 promises made to people.

The chain of survival and alert Delhi governance will be made simple and smooth provided AAP practices what it preached. In last ten days every Delhi citizens knows what the 18 promises of AAP are. It is P2P (People to Politicians) relationship that needs a sustainable audit and a change. Mechanism that delivers safe laws and safe work culture for production and consumption of materials and thoughts needs to be fine tuned.

After Radia Tapes,Wikki Leaks, 3G,coal scams etc. everyone knows it is difficult to cater to people’s expectations. Politicians till date continue to be the worst enemy of 99% people while slaves of 1% with no time management and no sensible law delivery in time. All these institutions need reforms.Delhi legislatures work needs a reform to ensure new democracy and a correct chain of survival. Divisive Raj- Neeti ; a toy used to divert attention of voters needs a new face. Need of the hour is that the Raj(Rule) in Rajneeti needs to be replaced by Seva or Service Neete but still administration and rules for discipline are a must for a safe Delhi. Without any real change in delivery system you cannot fool people again and again. Delhi has globally championed women exploitation and unfair wages protests and now the new government AAP must deliver.

Hope the year 2014 witnesses a real alive newer New Delhi -New India with new plans to take care of the hard earned money of majority.