Delhi is Crying-HELP

LG Delhi/CM Delhi,


I am addressing this mail to both of you, with the following purpose,pl—
Both of you have been entrusted by the Constitution of India to take care of Delhi & its citizens.

While one of you,sir, is appointee by the Central Govt,the other is the Head of the elected representatives.

Various powers have been vested to both the offices, you hold.Funds are allocated to meet the various requirements of citizens of Delhi/Delhi.

Human resources are also at your disposal.

Despite all the powers,perks ,privileges & resources, Delhi is, to my mind,not getting adequate/desired care!

Result is chaos of all kinds[i will not elaborate here] in almost all areas of Delhi.
Result-citizens of all denominations are suffering in various ways.

There is ACRIMONY, DIS-SATISFACTION,STRIFE, et al in the existing governance system.

Day in day out charges & counter charges are levelled by the elected representatives, other rungs of the govt & the citizens

Agitations,fasts,dharnas,strikes are the order of the day, which is not a positive activity.
I wonder why these methods are resorted too,by those who adopt these tactics
Citizens keep on suffering. & as well hoping, when will good days come in.

As life is to go on,touts are flourishing.

Infrastructure,navigation,ease of living,learning & earning is not there at all.
I can keep going & going & describing various ills of Delhi.But,I will stop here.

Pl do something TOGETHER-amicably.

Take the help of experienced & learned members of the CIVIL-SOCIETY,on sustainable basis.

Delhi will improve.Citizens will be happy.You will also get HUGE satisfaction,Hon`ble sirs!!

Vijay K. SalujaDirector,
Giraffe Heroes India