Dwarka Ramlila can become No. 1 Ramlila of the capital.

S.S. Dogra

Dwarka Shree
Ramlila Society is organizing its first ever ramlila in Sub City Dwarka at
Sector-10, Dwarka Near Muthoot Hospital Ground. It’s a ten days long event
starting from 28th September,2011 till 7th October,2011. It has become the
greatest devotee puller show for Dwarka & NCR. Recently, S.S.Dogra-Managing
Editor of Dwarka Parichay spoke to Sh.Rajesh
Gahlout-Chief Patron, Dr.Ashok Kumar Yadav- President & Mr.Rajiv
Solanki-General Secretary, so called the three pillars of the Society whose guidance and support make this
event more successful. Let’s find out the facts and achievements of the

L-R: Sh.Rajesh Gahlout-Chief Patron, Dr.Ashok Kr. Yadav- President & Mr.Rajiv Solanki-General Secretary

Q.What is the background of the event?
.Dwarka Shree Ramlila Society was registered last year itself.

Q.Then what happened last year?
Ans.We were planning to organise Ramlila the previous year but due to CWG, we were helpless to make this idea possible. 

Q. Who is responsible to make this time possible?
The permission from Delhi police, particularly D.C.P. Mr.Anil Kumar Ojha, A.C.P.Mr.Samay Singh Meena, S.HO.-Mr.S.Puskarana timely support make it possible. Moreover, the good wishes of our well wishers help us a lot.

Q.What is the team strength behind your society?
We have almost a team of more than hundred dedicated & devoteed volunteers to make this event more successful. Sh.Rajesh Gahlout (former Deputy Mayor & Member D.D.A.) is the Chief Patron of the society. Sh.Krishan Gahlout, Sh.Robin Sharma, Sh. Ashok Sharma, Sh.Mukesh Sinha, Sh.Ashok Jaiswal, Sh.Chandershekhar Rai, captain Pramod Kumar, Sh.Rajesh Aggrawal, Surender Matiyala, Sh.Shashi Tomar, Sh.Aadesh Tyagi are the patrons of the society. Sh.Rajiv Solanki is the General Secretary, Sh.Satish Swami is the treasurer, Sh.Bhupender Maan, Sh.Sanjeev Goyal, Sh.Kuldeep Dabas, Sh.Surender Anand, Sh.Jai Bhagawan Kataria, Adesh Walia representing as Vice Presidents post.

Sh.Ramesh Sharma-Organising Secretary, Sh.Yudhvir Dabas, Sh.Pravesh Sehrawat, Sh.Satbir Solanki, Sh.Suresh Solanki- as Secretary. Sh.Pradeep Mishra-Legal Adviser, Sh.Deepak Kumar, Ms.Sukhvinder Kaur, Sh. Rajesh Kumar as members. Sh.Rakesh Mehra, Sh.Vinod Upadhyay & Sh. Phool Kumar as the executive members along with one hundred volunteers are looking after the whole arrangements of this grand event in Dwarka.

Q. What about the media coverage?
. We have a high regards for the media houses because they are doing ramarkable efforts to give us lot of publicity and creating awareness among the residents of the sub city Dwarka.

Q. What are the special arrangements during this ramlila?
The Society has special arrangements of Security with CCTV Cameras all around the ground & , ample Parking space, seating, spacious stage & two Big Screen for public show casing the ramlila.

Q.What is the size of the stage?
The stage is 110ft long, 40ft wide and 25ft in height.

Q. What is your planning about Dussehra Celebration?
. We have special planning for celebrating Dussehra, the effigy of Ravana, Khubhkarana & Meghnath and Corruption will be burnt, they have height of about 75fts.

Q. Explain, special contribution of the society?
Daily, during Ramlila, the society facilitating the social activists, media personalities, religious heads, local representatives etc. for their sincere efforts towards the society.
Q. Any special feature, you are planning to introduce in this ramlila?
Ans. We are planning to introduce the Advance & Hi-tech technology during Sita Haran, Hanuman flying performance and even on Dussehra. Apart from this, the website of dwarka ramlila will be launched during this ramlila only.

Q. From where the artists are arranged?
The Ramlila is played under Ratnakar Drametic Art Production, the Director-Mr.K.N.Vishwakarma, Mr. Kamal –Asst. Director, the leading role of Lord Rama by Karan Verma, Rajiv Kumar-Laxman, Sunita as Sita, Jaipal as Ravan, Atul as Hanuman, Pankaj Swami as Dashrath, Naveen Kumar as Ganesh, Pooja-beautiful dancer are the major attraction of Ramlila. But, next time, we’ll hire some more professional artists to attract more public participation.

Q.What is the duration and programme schedule?
. It’s a ten days long event starting from 28th September,2011 till 7th October,2011. The programme for the Ramlila will be as follows: On 28th Sept., Narad Moh, 29th Sept. Rawan Tapsya & Ram Janam, 30th Ahlaya Udhar & Sita Swaymbar, on 1st Oct.,Ram Vanvas & Bharat Milap, 2nd Oct.,Sita Haran & Jatayu Maran, 3rd Oct.-Hanuman Milan & Bali Vadh, 4th Oct.,Hanuman Meghnath dialogue & Lanka Dahan, on 5th Oct. Angad Rawan dialogue & Kumbhkaran Vadh, on 6th Meghnath Maran & Ravan Maran (Vijaydashmi) on the concluding day i.e; 7th Oct., Raj Tilak.

Q. What are the sentiments behind this event?
We are showcasing this ramlila for the public of Dwarka and its surrounding areas to know their religious sentiments and brotherhood. 

Q. What do you expect from the public?
Ans. Public should cooperate us so that we can keep the law & order in control.

Q. How do you see your ramlila while comparing the other prominent ramlila shows in the capital?
. Dwarka Ramlila is the biggest event of South West Delhi & Greatest Crowd Puller show for Dwarka & NCR.We are sure, We’ll soon become the No. 1 Ramlila of the capital.