Demonstration by BLINDS at Samta Sthal on Wednesday 21st Aug., 2013 at 9.30 a.m

With due respect I may bring to your kind notice that Indian Joint Organisation of the Blind in association with National Blind Youth Association, Blind Person Association, Bhartiya Netrahin Kalyan Parishad & Rashtriya Pragya Drishiti Sansthan will be on demonstration at Samta Sthal, Near Rajghat,Ring Road, Delhi.

The agenda of the demonistration are as follows:
1. Reimplementation of Scholarship for Blind students.
2. Job placement for the blinds who are registered with Employment Exchange.
3. Provision of promotion for the blind employees in their own department
4. Demand for Construction of separate hostel for blind college students.
5. Provision for job (back Log) in Delhi Govt.’s offices on reservation basis.
6. Special Provision of issueing concessional travel pass for blind students
7. Implementation of Job provision for those whom the Delhi Govt. give grant to blind organisation.