“Drive Smart, Drive Safe – Dwarka Walkathon” on 15th October

1 Indian dying every 4 minutes can’t be left attended. 

Road Deaths – India Choro….

Did you know:
•With 35% of Accidental Deaths in India happening due to Road Accidents, it’s the single biggest contributor to Unnatural deaths among Indians.
•1 Accidents happens every minute
•1 Road death happens every 4 minutes
•Every 6th Road Crash in the world Happens in India
•1% contribution to World’s vehicle population and 10% contribution to Global Road Deaths
•Estimates in 2011 : 550,000 Accidents , 300,000 Injured ,145,000 Road Deaths
•Loss of Productivity, Collateral Damage, Legal Expenses: 2% of GDP – US$20 Bn (An Avoidable National Loss )
•More than 37% Accidents are caused by trucks and other commercial vehicles
•More than200,000 accidents happens in Night Time
•To enforce rules, Transport Department in Delhi has 1 officer for 62000 vehicles

Let’s join hands to create awareness and alertness to this National death machine, and do it now…
Join us at “Drive Smart, Drive Safe – Dwarka Walkathon” on 15th October at sector 6 Market Red Light @ 8.45 am… 300 school kids from 5 schools are expected to participate….