Demostration at Metcalfe House, Delhi

As part of a week long nationwide agitation, members of the Senior Technical Assistants’ Association of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) staged a protest against their employer here on Thursday, for being “unfair to a section of technical assistants”.

During the lunch-hour protest, association members from various DRDO Labs in Delhi said, in keeping with the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission, the post of Senior Technical Assistant ‘C’ (STA ‘C’) must be merged with the post of Technical Officer ‘A’ (TO ‘A’).

According to members of the association, ” DRDO is the only department in the Government of India to have not placed technical staff members having a grade pay of Rs. 4,600 to the gazetted rank. DRDO has also been unfair to the STA ‘B’ employees by not protecting the extra service of five to seven years and promotions attained through assessments, after the implementation
of the Sixth Central Pay Commission.