Increase in awareness and better technology has led to a rise in total knee replacement surgeries amongst patients suffering from osteoarthritis — pain due to inflammation in the knees. More and more number of patients are opting for for surgery in both knees and a greater number of the patients are women in Delhi.

“With availability of better implants and less invasive surgical techniques More women and men are turning to artificial joints for a second lease on an active life. Usage of computer-assisted joint replacement technology has brought about a revolution in joint replacement surgery. The most common cause of joint replacement with manual procedure was mis-alignment. The new technology of computer-based navigation system has completely eliminated misalignment and has made joint replacement surgery nearly 100% accurate”said Dr Dr. Pushpinder Bajaj, chairman of the three day international conference on Knee and Shoulder surgery organised by the International Scoeity of Arthopaedic sports Medicine (ISKSAA 2013 ) and Bensups hospital, which concluded here today.

“ More than 3000 knee surgeries take place each month in various hospitals in capital including AIIMS and Safdarjung. Around 20-30 per cent of the population over 60 years have severe pain in the knee because of arthritis and a knee replacement surgery helps d alleviate this pain to a large extent. Better implants and less invasive surgical techniques now make it possible for people, including active sportspersons, to get completely back on track. ”said Dr Dr Pradeep Sharma, Director, Joint Replacement Surgery at Bensups and Cygnus hospital, where 30 live surgeries were performed during the conference.

“Artificial joint systems, made of high-tech metals, plastics or ceramic, replace deteriorated joints causing severe pain and limiting mobility, usually in older folks with advanced arthritis. They’re generally expected to last at least 15 – 20 years. In India, most of the total knee replacement surgeries are performed in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. Rising number of surgeries in Delhi indicate that patients are increasingly shunning their fear of surgery in the knees.Better implants, surgical instruments and techniques available now significantly improve the overall quality of treatment The procedure provides tremendous post-operative benefits to patients, with shorter scar, less blood loss, shorter recovery period and going back to normal life in a relatively shorter period of time.”said Dr sharma.

“The symposium with a theme ‘See them do it and do it yourself’ was attended by well-known 500 orthopaedic surgeons, allied health personal ,residents, fellows and physical therapists from India and abroad including Australia, UK, France, New Zealand, and Korea. The 30 complimentary surgeries were performed during the seminar for showcasing newest operative techniques ”said Dr Pushpinder Bajaj, Director of the symposium.