The 3rd Annual General Meeting URJA Convention

To commemorate three successful years of existence in Delhi we are organising the URJA Convention of Delhi RWAs on Saturday 27th September where the annual report and a summary of actions taken and targets achieved will be delivered by URJA group heads.

It will be a full day programme with Lunch, so please keep the day absolutely free.
We have invited the Hon’ble LG to inaugurate the event. In view of the security situation, we expect his confirmation only a day in advance.
It will also be an opportunity to hear experts on various issues such as sailings and demolitions, Master Plan, security of citizens, the Blue line menace, the power problems, the BRT mess, the cooperative societies situation and pollution, apart from Governance issues in view of the approaching Assembly Elections. We also expect Election Commissioner Dr. S.Y. Quraishi or his Delhi deputy Dr.[Mrs] Silas Bedi , CEO, to attend.
· Congress Party Panel Invitees: The Congress Party panel includes Mr. J.P. Aggarwal,
Mr. Ajay Maken , Mr Ashok Gehlot*, Dr. A.K. Walia and Mr Kapil Sibal
· BJP Panel Invitees: The BJP Panel invitees include Prof. VK Malhotra, Dr. Harshvardhan,
Prof. Jagdish Mukhi, Mr Vijay Goel and Mr Arun Jaitley*.

· MCD Panel Invitees: The MCD panel includes Mayor Ms. Arti Mehra, Leader of opposition
Mr J.K. Sharma, Mr. Vijendra Gupta and Mr. Subhash Arya
As you can imagine, this is a very important day for all of us and the day is packed with eventful dialogues, discussions and debates. The idea is to seek answers and demand solutions from all the panelists and there can be no better opportunity than this for the purpose.
Over 500 members are expected to participate. This is also the first time that RWA members in such large number will participate and it is expected to be the biggest civil society gathering in Delhi ever.
For general information, pl. contact:
Sushil Kumar 9350829327 , Anil Nayal: 9873016110