M K Gupta,
Media advisor

The DTC has sought feedbacks from Dwarka Forum, RWAs/ CGHS and others to give feed backs by Friday 21st May 2010 for the newly introduced Express Bus Services. The Express buses connecting Dwarka to Office complexes have also not found desired support from the commuters. In a meeting held on 12.5.2010 with Mr. Naresh Kumar, Chairman, DTC and Dwarka Forum, Forum conveyed that these services have not been given due publicity. The Chairman has the DTC to display signage on routes/timing as pilot project in Dwarka to give proper publicity to these busses. Another major problem is to adhere to time schedule of these buses as the users at large has lost the faith that the DTC buses will arrive on time. Forum insisted that this confidence need to be reinstated by being punctual. Some of the routes need to realign in view of the office timings in such a way that these connect all the sectors. DTC said that as Dwarka Circular Sewa is running in losses, it is planning to withdraw this service soon, Forum requested to consider viable route that will cover all markets, offices, schools and sectors apart from touching exit route of Dwarka. It was also requested to empower area Depot Manager to entertain public grievances, as accessibility to CMD is not easy. Forum pointed out to the Chairman about the setting of some DTC staff with private or blue line bus operators. It was assured that he would look in to the matter.

CMD said that the Forum should have wider consultation from all Dwarkites and therefore, the Forum appeals all the RWA/ CGHS/ MTA to collect feed back on Dwarka Circular Sewa, Dwarka-DTC Express services to various office complex including newly proposed route to Gurgaon as nearly 40% of the Dwarka working class office move towards Gurgaon. Those desired to send feedback may either use the table provided with Dwarka Forum blogsite or on email dwarkaforum@gmail.com

Mr. Rejimon, President, Sushil Kumar, Secretary, Sunil Sareen and Anil Nayal were among others who participated in the meeting

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