DWARKA RESIDENTS MET CM Shri. Arvind Kejriwal for Water

Dwarka Forum (DF), a Welfare Association of Residents & RWA’s / CGHS Representatives of Dwarka Sub-City have been pursuing the safe drinking water issues at various levels. Continuing its efforts to achieve this result DF has been writing and requesting a meeting with the newly formed Govt at NCT Delhi.

Chief Minister of Delhi Shri Arvind Kejriwal met the delegation led by DF President Shri. Sushil Kumar, Vice-President Rejimon CK, Jt. Secretary Ms. Sudha Iyer.

Shri. Rajendra Kumar, Secretary to CM was also present and took note of the discussion. CM welcomed the DF and gave a patient hearing and went through the presentation of Memorandum given by DF. After reading the Documents and hearing DF delegation, the CM agreed that demands were quite justified and must be considered. CM asked Shri. Rajendra Kumar to get report from
Shri. Vijay Kumar, CEO, Delhi Jal Board.

DF briefed the CM about the Dwarka’s status as a Master Planned Sub-city. The current water supply status from DJB to DDA is at a very minimal and caters only to 20% of the population. The current demand is a minimum of 10 MGD. DF updated that Dwarka does have the complete infrastructure for water supply and has invested over 1500 crore. DF also highlighted that DDA is charging higher rates in Dwarka, and also highlighted the unequal water distribution in Delhi compared to Dwarka.

DF urged the CM , who is also the Chairman of the DJB, to direct DJB to take over water supply from DDA.

CM checked the scope of improving the water harvesting and other environment for Dwarka being master plan sub-city. DF appraised the CM about good water harvesting systems prevailing/ done in/by almost all 300 CGHS Apartments and few DDA Pockets which got done few years back. However due to non-maintenance these water harvesting mechanisms were not much of use. CM will be directing the DJB and other agencies to assist the Dwarka RWA to revitalise the water harvesting systems for all RWA.

Based on DF’s experience in the field of cooperation with Public Govt participation to improve governance, gave a note on few suggestion to improve grievance, police, transport, price rise, power etc.

1. Background:

a. DJB refuses to take over supply from DDA (Refer MoM of DDA-DJB)
b. Dwarka does not get water through pipelines (Refer Water tanker expenditure)
c. Supply of potable & non potable water is by DDA and NOT DJB
d. Current water supply by DJB to DDA is approximately 2-3 MGD (vary) rest of the demand met from Ground Water from Najafgarh Drain plains (not potable by any standards)
e. Currently DJB charges Rs. 8.53 from DDA and DDA gives it at Rs.10.76 for piped supply. While supplying through tanker this is raised @ Rs 558 each tanker from Apartments RWA. While NDMC supplies 480 ltr per day per person while a few parts of Dwarka get 70 ltr that too non potable water)

2. Dwarka Demands:
We urge you as CM and Chairman DJB to instruct DJB to take over water distribution of Dwarka with immediate effect. As the entire network of habituated sectors fully ready and agreed by DDA.
As far as rates are concerned Dwarka is ready to bear the competitive rate as prevailing in Delhi for NDMC, DCB area.

Ensure equal distribution of available Delhi water: Please note even the CAG in its Audit report No 2 of the year 2013 of DJB have asked for equal distribution.

Dwarka 100% planned sub-city to implement any kind of recycling or dual supply and highest concentration of water harvesting etc. This call for DJB to have special test and trial programmes ideal for Dwarka and then to rest of Delhi as it is possible with less cost.