Watch out Sunny Leone and Sherlyn Chopra, the original Playboy Girl Shanti Dynamite coming on March 15th 2014

Nilofer Ansari
You see the actors socialize and develop friendships, but not the women for the most part. They socialize with the men, but not with each other. Actresses ever since had close ties with their fellow thespians. But in recent years, that all seems to have disappeared. Is the competition that fierce? Is it insecurities? Called it Competition or insecurities actresses are in the race to be one. Many had copied and others have used brand names to get recognized, but nobody can beat the original one. So Mumbai be ready to welcome the talented actress who has the magnetic personality and voluptuous body to attract a lot of attention that comes across on the screen none other than Playboy popular TV star Shanti Dynamite who hosts adult chat shows in UK. She began her career as a teenager, starting as a glamour model on the popular hotel Voyeur, A UK based topless show and she is all set to enter Bollywood and will in Mumbai on 15th of March 2014. She said, “I am really excited about my visit, I am here to watch Ragani MMS 2 because I have heard Sunny had copied my looks in her upcoming movie which has really surprised me. And the other lady Sherlyn Chopra who has claimed to become the first Indian to be a Playboy Girl without any connections towards it. Playboy is one of the world’s best known for its different brands such as Playboy’s College Girls, Playboy’s Book of Lingerie, as well as the Playboy video collection but in reality she is not part of any brand, she has used it to gain popularity. Playboy also introduced, a complete, uncensored live TV. I represent Playboy TV UK where I do a live adult chat show. I thought people in Bollywood are creative and real but hearing this entire news makes me upset. So I am coming into India very soon to let the people and Industry knows who the original is.”

Sunny leone had copied Shanti Dynamite look in the chartbusting Baby Doll track from Ragini MMS-2. Previously there were news of Sherlyn Chopra as the first Indian on the cover of racy magazine Playboy but till now no one has seen the magazine and it is unavailable as she has not associated with a brand. “I am very lucky and happy that I am the first Indian to be part of Playboy TV and hosting the show. So guys watch out I am arriving in India on 15th of March. I need all the love and support from my fans” Shanti Added.