Some Dwarkaites are now playing the pro-active role against the red-tapism in the government working. Despite the work order issued to a private firm for the installation of traffic signals months back and noting that the firm has not installed the traffic signals at many points within the mandatory period of 25 days of the work order. During this, accidents were taking places on these points injuring the road users and damaging the vehicles. M. K. Gupta, a social activist and Joint Secretary of Dwarka Forum has filed an RTI application to the Delhi Traffic Police to inform about number of signals installed within the mandatory period of 25 days, signals installed beyond mandatory period and signals still to be installed beyond that period.

He has also asked for the penal provisions against the non/delayed installation of the signals and whether such action has been taken or initiated the erring company. He said that after seeking such information, he hopes that the remaining signals will be fixed promptly. He also said that more residents will also play such role to galvanize the government machinery’s.

Last year, he filed RTI application against the alleged delayed in reaching at the spot and failure fire department of dousing fire on fifth and sixth floor of Shri Ganapati Apartments of Sector 9 due to the lack of modern equipments.