A poetry meet (Kavi Sammelan) was held in Dwarka on the eve of the Independence Day

A poetry meet (Kavi Sammelan) was held in Dwarka on the eve of the Independence Day at the National Law University, Dwarka. The Chief Guest, Dr. Prasannanshu, who is an Associate Professor at the NLU, Dwarka appreciated the patriotic spirit and social consciousness of the organizers and participants, and exhorted Dwarka-ites to maintain this tradition. Dr. Prasannanshu paid homage to the freedom fighters, and the generation that struggled for India’s independence in his poem. Appreciating the audience he noted how Dwarka was becoming increasingly active in poetry and also informed them of a monthly poetry meet initiated by him and Mr. Prem Bihari Mishra. Mr. Suresh Yadav, Deputy Commissioner, Najafgarh who is also an accomplished poet chaired the meet. The programme was organized and sponsored by Dwarka City whose editor-proprietor Mr. Mukesh Sinha was also present on the occasion. Several renowned poets presented their poems dedicated to the theme of independence and patriotism. Mr. Prem Bihari Mishra managed the stage skilfully and poetically, which was highly appreciated. The audience was treated to the poems of Mr. Suresh Yadav, Mrs. Sudha Sinha, Mr. Virender Kumar Mansotra, Colonel Prem Chand Chaudhary, Mr. Sunil Hapuria, Ms. Leena Sahar, Mr. Anil Upadhyaya, Mr. Prem Bihari Mishra, and Dr. Prasannanshu. Loud applauses greeted the poems, and the event was appropriately concluded with the national anthem.