Earth day celebrated at N.K.Bagrodia Public School , Dwarka

Earth day was celebrated on April 21 , 2018 at N.K.Bagrodia Public School , Dwarka .On this occasion, a special assembly was conducted in the school showcasing the love and support of the children towards environment. In the beginning an inspirational thought on nature was presented .Following it were some news headlines and then a wonderful speech was delivered expressing the love for mother earth , ways to protect our environment, to follow the three R principle and afforestation. After that a beautiful poem and an awesome skit were presented to make the students realize the present condition of mother earth. At the end, a pledge was taken to remind us that our responsibilities extend beyond our own backyards. It was very much appreciated by our honorable Principal madam and teachers. Speaking on the occasion

Principal ,Dr.Rajee N Kumar said,” The two most important resources are air and water and we should take utmost care to protect them.”She also motivated the children to bring the tree saplings on their birthdays, thus making the school surroundings more greener. It helped everyone to understand that they should try their best to protect and safeguard mother earth as it is only one that we have in common.

The earth day celebration thus offered opportunities to both teach about the issue and make a tangible environmental impact .Together we can make everyday Earth day and each one of us in the school can make a difference.

Citizen’s reporterManjula & Monika Raisinghani