An eco-friendly approach to protect the environment by ISHRAE

Reena Batra

Making the earth eco-friendly is something that each one of us dream of but some make efforts and change it into reality. ‘Shaping the future for a sustainable tomorrow ‘was the basic motto of the organization that went ahead with idea of making the earth a better place to live in. The heart of Green belt, India Habitat Center witnessed a platform of like-minded people from ISHRAE to contribute in making the environment eco-friendly in a conference called ‘Airconf’. The basic idea was to make people aware of the fact that going back to roots to breathe in fresh air can again be possible. Everything that we use in modern technology emits out heat and radiations that are responsible for air pollution. The conference was all about using products that help in energy conservation and save the environment from damage. Using wood from trees that are exported without disturbing the natural surrounding was one step towards going green. Besides using glass that cut the heat out helps to make the environment comparatively cooler than outside.

Green building is a concept that has already been booked by many people belonging from the middle segment of the society. Adhering to its low budget profile it is going to a success story with average earning population. The Chief guest Dr. Ajay Mathur of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE), congratulated the organizers for hosting this international event and promised that BEE will work closely in helping the mission of bringing back the good old days of a harmonious environment.