Vivekdeep celebrated Independence Day

Vivekdeep- the social outreach program of Sri Ramakrishna Sangha, Dwarka working tirelessly for the children of underprivileged class of our society proudly stepped into its third year and celebrated Indian Independence Day with all solemnity.

After hoisting of the flag and national anthem, two students spoke about the importance of the day. The audience was surprised by the patriotic fervor and enthusiasm of the speakers. Thereafter, the group song ‘aao bachcho tumhein dikhayen’ charged everybody with national pride. Then it was time to remember the martyrs who laid down their lives during freedom movement. It was done by reciting some of their famous quotes. A skit based on an incident from the life of Gautam Buddha beautifully presented how we should get rid of prejudice, forgive our enemies and move ahead. Not surprisingly, it was highly applauded. Then it was time for reciting two famous poems, firstly of Shri R. N. Tagore ‘Where the mind is without fear’ and then of Pt. M. L. Chaturvedi ‘Pushp ki abhilasha’. Two students, who have passed out of Vivekdeep, caught the attention of the audience in an engaging conversational manner. It was their reminiscence about their learnings at Vivekdeep and they expressed their resolve to carry them forward for years to come. 

The whole atmosphere was so charged with nationalism that one of our guests offered to sing the very famous ‘aye mere watan ke logon’ impromptu and left an emotional note reverberating. Then it was time for our President, Shri Rajib Roy to address the gathering. Shri Roy explained that the urge for freedom should be deep within us. He beautifully exemplified this statement by several incidents, where young boys and girls could overcome insurmountable problems only because of this urge. He also cited the need for all of us to break ourselves free of prejudices and attain freedom in true sense. Shri Roy hoped that Vivekdeep would continue spreading its message and transforming many lives for years together.

The celebration ended with the group song ‘sare jahan se achcha’ in which all the students enthusiastically participated. 

About Sri Ramakrishna Sangha
Sri Ramakrishna Sangha is a religious trust that was conceived five years back in 2003. The objectives of the trust are:
1. To impart and promote the study of the man- making, character- building and harmonizing ideas of Ramakrishna- Vivekananda under the guidance of Ramakrishna Math and Mission
2. To initiate and undertake educational, religious, social, cultural and spiritual activities for the benefit of people in the society at large
3. To work for the physical, mental, intellectual, moral, socio- economic, educational and cultural uplift of the Adivasis, scheduled caste, schedule tribes and other backward classes, and economically and physically handicapped people so as to make them responsible citizens of India
4. To undertake schemes for providing opportunities for community participation, development of leadership qualities, etc.
5. To inculcate ideas of national integration and harmony among youth and people in general and also by observing special days
6. To establish, maintain, carry on and/ or assist libraries, students homes, vocational training institutions, dispensaries and to institute rural development and welfare activities and activities of like nature

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