Extramarks Wins IDA award for Excellence in Product and Solutions in K-12 Education

 Extramarks Education India’s leading digital education solutions provider today announced that the company would showcase their innovative stack of Smart education solutions during the WORLDDIDAC INDIA 2014. Being used by over 9 lakh daily users, the solutions allow educational institutions, to create an engaging child- centric, teaching-learning environment to make learning easy and effective in classrooms and at home.

WORLDDIDAC India 2014, held in New Delhi recently, is the country’s largest and the only event to showcase educational technologies, softwares, hardware other supplies and training. It covers all didactic material where education and training professionals from all parts of the globe can see, evaluate and purchase a comprehensive range of educational and training products and services. Extramarks would show its commitment to this world-class platform for education tool and supplies by being the Platinum Sponsor to the event.

Poonam Singh Jamwal, Chief Marketing Officer said “Extramarks has been creating authentic learning opportunities and integrating personalized learning through its innovative learning solutions. We additionally ran a number of value based session raising quality and highlighting technology‘s support toward learning. The sessions on Day 1 of WORLDDIDAC India 2014 covered areas like education and collaboration where discussions were held on whether young people were prepared to meet employment challenges that they face. We also had a session in trends in teaching and learning and examples of innovative practice, where Extramarks brought solutions to the challenges students face in the use of technology for learning.”

At the Expo, Extramarks showcased its unique range of products for Education, and also introduced ‘Extramarks Live’, which is one of the most unique technology empowered solutions in Education today. Extramarks Live offers an anywhere learning platform, maintaining the continuity of learning from classroom to home. It also promotes the concept of Self-Study, making it a less stressful and a more fulfilling experience for students. Along with Extramarks “Smart Learn Class”, which transforms traditional classrooms, into futuristic technology, enabled learning environment. Both these products would be on display, along with a demo at booth number A2/A3.

L-R Preeti Gupta Director WORLDDIDAC India, Dr. Chula Gangoda Vice President WORLDDIDAC India &
Mr. Atul Kulshrestha, Chairman, & Managing Director, Extramarks
Extramarks Live is a browser based complete study program which will be delivered through internet, tablets and extended memory sticks and SD cards. Bridging the gap between in-school and after school education and keeping the continuity of concepts from school to home “Extramarks Live” blends multimedia rich, easy to understand pedagogy based content and technology to provide a wholesome and fulfilling experience. The product allows students to get connected online and learn with friends, mentor and teachers from home, school or anywhere.

Mr. Atul Kulshrestha was felicitated for his immense contribution in the field of education. Extramarks also won IDA award 2013 for Excellence in Product and Solutions in K-12 Education for the second year in a row. Extramarks Live will bring about the much desired change in Self-Study mode.

Mr. Atul Kulshrestha, Chairman, & Managing Director, Extramarks said “Extramarks is glad to be part of WORLDDIDAC India 2014, where we are the Platinum Sponsors to the event. Additionally, we have showcased an array of innovative solutions in Education sector—solutions that have been built from the ground up and are practical makingit a holistic experience for the education community in general. Our offerings like Extramarks Live and Smart Learn Class will bring a paradigm shift to how conventional education is being viewed these days, adding a totally new dimension to the overall student experience.”