– Sneha Sehrawat

I wake up rubbing my eyes
And notice the Paradise
It’s fall, it’s fall
Says my heart in all
The sky was never this welcoming
The trees were never this beautiful
My window pane, never this fantasizing
I never was this excited
It’s fall, it’s fall
Says my heart in all

I leave my house all set
Running routine all checked
As the wind takes the leaves away
My body takes me ahay
When I step on these little beauties
The cruch sound brings me the melodies
This autumn morning is all I want
Take this away from me not

Leaving the gadgets behind
Following the sunshine
I bow to the nature
For this souvenir
Why don’t people enjoy this sight
If not then you’re not right
Take some time out for you
For this trip wooho!!

Leave the noisy towns
And enjoy the natural therapy
Why can’t I get over this
Is an exciting recipe
Oh nature I bow to you
Oh god I love this thing of you
Yellow, orange, red
Is an amazing glen

I have got more pictures here
As in the Mughal garden
Each leaf recites its story
I listen solemnly
Do not disturb the peace
You too take an ease
Sit with leaves on you
Sure you’ll pay me revenue

People broom them off
They take their standards on
I would volunteer
In them cleaning
Like a cowgirl
Dancing with swirl

It teaches me a lot
Brings enriching thoughts
The parent leaves fall
To give their kids some space
They shed themselves because
The leaves next have to take place
How this love is the one
We should all cherish
Because one day
we’ll have to perish

it’s fall, it’s fall says my heart in all.