Celebrities Joined Dr. Sunita Dube Medscapeindia for awareness on AIDS…

Dr Sunita Dube At Rally, With Actress Nagma

Nilofer Ansari

MedscapeIndia in association with Aryan Education & Medical Trust conducted a Rally spreading the message ‘HIV Go Away’. Where Chairperson of MedscapeIndia Dr. Sunita Dube initiatiated a rally ‘HIV Go Away’ starting from Lokhandwala; Andheri it was a success & bagged a certificate for excellence par initiative by Lov Verma; Secretary of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare; Department of AIDS Control. The Rally spearheaded by an HIV Positive patient; Sanjeevani accompanied by orphans from the trust & other volunteers of the organizations spread the message of ‘HIV GO AWAY’ giving away Red Balloons with the message to the pedestrians & the commuters who stopped by the Rally in support for the cause. Also Mrs. Vandana Sajnani an actor member of the MedscapeIndia came forward with her husband actor Rajesh Khattar along with Ramji Gulati to participate in the Rally.
Sangeeta Vardhne Debina Bonnerjee Vandana Sajnani Gurmeet Choudhary with Rajesh Khattar At Fashion Show
Focusing on their agenda Sunita enlightens us about the aim of MedscapeIndia for AIDS Awareness & Eradication, “We want to Promote HIV/AIDS awareness among young people and empower them to take action to fight against HIV/AIDS influencing the Influence the policy-makers and key stakeholders at national, state and district levels to influence the policy, promote multi-sectoral response and increase & use the government resources to fight against HIV/AIDS. HIV is a sensitive issue & it is very important for us to educate people who have wrong connotations about the disease. This year we are focusing zero discrimination zero newborn infection. ”
MedscapeIndia spreads HIV awareness along with doctors and celebrities. Celebrities has shown their eradicate support in the HIV Awareness. After the rally the event was shifted to a venue where a fashion show was by Designer Khushiz Shah. She has donea brilliant and fabulous job where she made the doctors and the celebrities to walk the ramp with ethnics. Present at the event were Nagma Morarji, Madhushree, Gurmeet Choudhary, Vandana Sajnani, Rajesh Khattar, Sangeeta Vardhne, Debina Bonnerjee, Ashish Sharma. & many Renowend Doctors as Dr Nandita Palsetkar, Dr Turel Rajendra, Dr Mamatha, Dr Nupur Krishnan and Dr Saple.