First Day at Kindergarten !

Let today be the start of something new…..

‘We are the transition from one education to another.’

TIHS welcomed Tiny Tots to Kindergarten.

 The first day of Kindergarten is an exciting and emotional day for both the parents and the child. On April 2, 2019 the portals of TIHS welcomed  the parents and young students filled with mixed emotions to the kindergarten as it was the first day for fresh beginning, broader learning and holistic development for the

Kindergarten  students. The young buds were initially a little nervous to enter the school gate but after they were received by their facilitators with open arms, their hesitation just evaporated. As the day progressed, the students felt comfortable in their new classrooms and enjoyed participating in a plethora of activities specially  designed for them. They were handed over a welcome worksheet and later they enjoyed hand painting. An introduction session   using a Puppet was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.  Children went back home with a broad smile on their faces along with beautifully made takeaway by their  respective  facilitators. All in all it was a pleasurable day for our cherubs   to remember.