Fourth day of Hum Kishore Festival

Raji Vishwanthan

Panelist, Dwarka Parichay

Hum Kishore festival moved on to the 4th day with its enthusiasm and zest unabated. The instrumental music round had great participants on various musical instruments like the guitar,keyboard,tabla,harmonium sitar etc. Among the schools which participated were Bal Bharti Public school,The Air force school(Subroto Park, Delhi Cant.) Ascent Academy, Don Bosco Ashalayam(NGO),Auxillium Snehalaya(NGO),Govt. Girl’s School(Brijwasan).All the participants showed a lot of potential. It was wonderful to watch the dexterity with which the fingers and wrist moved on the tabla.

The ‘Jingles’ competition was given a theme of “Athithi devo bhava” in line with the Common Wealth Games, 2010. The performance and imagination of the participants gave enough food for thought to the spectators. The responsibility of holding up India’s global image rests on each and every individual, was the underlying message which was conveyed.

“We lecture” the elocution round saw the oratory skills of the budding Public Speakers. The topic given to the students were:

1) Environmental protection and individual responsibility
2) Adolescents and family.

The topics were deliberately chosen to make the adolescents socially responsible citizens. Among the participating schools was Vishal Bharti Public school, Oxford Sen. Sec. School, DTEA School (Janakpuri).

Humour is the best stress buster as proved by the students of St.Coloumba school, Carmel Convent School, Saraswati Model School, Govt. Girls Sen. Sec. School (Kakrola).

Most schools filled up the feed back form of ‘Hum Kishore Festival and the initiative of UVCT was greatly appreciated.