An innovative initiative from BRAD ENTERPEISES

We welcome you to new world of technique & innovation & an initiative to fight against air pollution in India which will change destiny of all our Indian brothers and sisters, Brad Enterprises had always taken product for distribution which will have impact on mass public health.

We are working on our revolutionary objectives as follows :

Fight against Air-pollution As we wear Sun Glasses to get protected from Sun’s direct UV (ultra violet) rays. Unfortunately there was No support substitute for Air-Pollution which can be adopted by an individuals.

New Brad enterprises take this opportunity to Introduce. An Amazing unique US patented product. A Revolutionary Product gives power to individuals to Fight against Air Pollution. Manufactured by TORY NOSE FILTERs developed by the NASA funded Space Alliance Technology Out- research Program (SATOP). nose filter & clip are made of a Soft, Surgical-Grade-flex Plastic.

Inhale fresh nose filter opens nostrils wide for normal breathing & it enhance Lung Breathing capacity in longer Run & helps to get proper breaths which helps to improve H2O level in your body as breathing happening with awareness.

It will be Effective Tool for environment pollution control hence can lead to saving life of the thousand from all kind of dust, particulars matters etc.

This also prevent of office / home around people with common colds flu, bird flu, and other strange Viruses. This product helps you get to CLEAN NON POLLUTED AIR without having to wear a mask with a hassle free usage. You can use it for 3-4 months after that you can dispose it & take new one.

“Air is the essential fluid, on which all life depends, has become global garbage cans”.We breathe about two gallons of air every minute. On average, air pollution takes one to two years off the typical human life-span.

Air is sucked into lungs every few seconds and the alveolar system of the lungs helps the oxygenation of blood in every drop.

Heart pumps Blood and Blood carries O2 (by Hemoglobin) to every part/cell of the body to sustain life inside. “More O2 into the body is call “More Life” Similarly ‘Better O2 into the body is called “Better Life”. As on growth path, every in world has to bring industry in exist but every industry brings pollution in AIR WATER, Food etc.

Health Effect of Air Pollution are many! A few are mentioned below :
Health Effects : Wheezing, coughing, lungs/breathing quality, dust allergy , Sleeplessness (insomnia) Long-term Health Effect : emphysema, bronchitis, asthma, weakness, stamina loss, skin irritation. diseases. Effect on Generations : reduced strength and energy reduced bone tissue strength, reduced health, prone to diseases and bacterial infection, reduced life, birth with deformation. Lung Cancer : Skin and Burning Eyes and Nose, itchy irritated throat Breathing problems & disease. In India, ground level works are having habit of getting general illness is due to Air Pollution i.e Common Cold, Flu Viral infection they are getting ill & due which millions of ma-hours get wasted. Not just that even millions of rupees Medicines, Medical Expenses are happening.

Even while you are travelling in car, In auto rickshaw. On motor bike of walking of streets. Working in parking lot of on a petrol pump, Cement factory, Chemical plants, Wooden factory, Textile mills, Construction site, Pest control companies, Garbage collection agencies, Farmers while farming –spraying pesticides etc. Hospitals, Labs also for their staffs to attend Allergic patients.

Also where environment is dusty and harmful for lives preventing from Air- Pollution affects kids more than adults because, for their body size, kids breathe more air spend more time playing outside. Somebody said “ Preventive is better than CURE”.

So what r u waiting for Gift yourself and your Beloved family a Smart & Preventive Solution to get rid of Air-Pollution Never Before and say bye to pollution.As said above this is a revolutionary Tool to tackle air pollution on individual level, Effective comfortable solution to breathe Cleaner Air every rime, anywhere we are.