Future of Jan Lokpal Bill…

Promod Chawla

National Network For India

1. Undoubtedly Indian Governance is uncomfortably Corrupt.

2. There is no intent within Govt in Power to grassroots address / use mechanisms effectively to minimize Peoples Burden nor is there a will likewise in the Opposition Parties to Unite for this Problem.

3. Finding the limbo / adrift situation, known Activists formed, India Against Corruption, which again looks like a Coterie group. Well known Swami Ramdev ji, jumped in & out of the fray for his own Political ambitions & is now hankering for space – will come by, having gone to his retreat & now consoling Rajbala after a 3 week gap.

4. Civil Resistance to wrongs is best done as Respected Gandhi ji taught us with a:
Soul Force
Truth Force
as a Regime which wedded Capitalism & a Market Economy, now in its UPA II, ‘avtar’ cannot be self correcting. Inequality in India has reached a repulsively ugly level.

5. All Civil Resistance either non violent or violent – the 2 methods overlap – intermingle; to achieve success need Far Greater cohesive well stratified Youth & GenNext backing, across India, which needs Focused attention right now for gaining grounds in the Jan Lokpal Movement. Now in its 12th week.

Parliamentarians (30% known Convicted Criminals in them) resisting & People know that the Bill to be Law, it must pass through the Lok & Rajya Sabha wherein the Whip will be used. Non in Power or waiting want Corrupt practices Exposed & distance Punishment.

6. In South Africa in 1984 against Apartheid – Prague in 1989 – Tehran, Philippines, Chile, East Germany, Burma, more recently in Tunisia, Egypt – right now in Syria, Yemen, Bahrain chronicler record ways of resisting & there are said to be 198 methods.

7. In our assessment there has set in: Fast Fatigue & priority requirement right now is a RETHINK, there should be a far greater Formidable force United which must have co-opted parsons in Groups looking after:
– Clean Funds for the Movement
– Taking care of participants Security & well being
– Updated & abreast with critical issues such as:
ICT & eGovernance
Facts & figures on Criminalized Politicians + Bureaucrats
Food prices / Inflation / under nourishment & hunger
The slow down in the Economy – Deficit Financing
Effects of Black Money
Electoral Reforms
Corruption living examples & facts
Networking & Media outreach
Police Reforms
Nuclear Option
Environment & Forests
Livelihood & Jobs

8. At the gathering at Aadhyatam Sadhna Kendra – near Chatarpur Mandhir, 5-7 pm Sun June 26, 2011 there was spirited handling by IAC Reps – Rishi, Shaleen & Raj Kumar. We also met Sudhir, consumer Activist, Praveen from Mukherjee Nagar, G P Sharma ex AIIMS who talked about Loot liya Hindusthan in Nav Bharat Times Today, Sh Khagendra Jha from Purnea, Bihar. The CD was played, next meet in Devli announced.

9. Accountability, Transparency, brakes on Corruption will have Peoples support – Youth coming forward will give teeth to the Jan Lokpal Moves always.