‘Bijli Aandolan’ on tarrif hike held at Talkatora Stadium

‘Bijli Aandolan’ on tarrif hike held on Sunday, the 27th Nov. 2011 at Talkatora Stadium. Due to Sunday & wintry morning consumers started pouring in at a slow pace in the early morning. However after 10-15AM it was huge flow of consumers & whole stadium was not only got full but thousands even agreed to sit on the carpets. Even this carpeted /ground space in the stadium got filled up in no time & many hundreds had to watch & listen to the program on screens & speakers outside the stadium.

At the huge response to the call of BIJLI AANDOLAN, first time consumers realised their POWER & felt that govt has to roll back the tarrif hike otherwise this aandolan may bring dooms day for the present govt who is unnecessarily supporting the DISCOMS & DERC & victimising the already burdened consumers with Mahangai.