Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year 2010

All that you dream but did not dare to do,
All that you hoped but did not will,
these slumber lightly
waiting to be awakened,
by the touch of STRONG PURPOSE,
I am your opportunity

New Year Resolution Tips
* Remember only sweet and joyful moments of your life
* Forget bitterness in life and forgive others
* Keep humor alive in your life – do not hurt others
* Keep fit and healthy – loose your fat by regular exercises
* Do proper time management between personal and professional life
* Live disciplined life – avoid drinking, smoking and bad habits

So, Here is Dwarka Family in its 6 th Year, bringing People together to say, to say, What they have in common, their problems, concerns, sense of belonging.

They have a place. Dwarka Parichay. The Dwarka Family. A wise Educated & Concerned Family.
In the year ahead Dwarka Parichay bringing you more news, more information. With newly upgraded SUBSCRIPTION from Feedburner – Google, you can see all latest dwarka events & information in your INBOX – e-mail & Mobile !.

Dwarka Forum( Regd.) is a common platform for the residents, RWA/ CGHS and agencies of Dwarka to share the opinions pertaining to the problems faced by the residents and seek their solutions. Members include several intellectuals, media personnel, professionals, bureaucrats among others.

We need to know, everybody’s news, What is happening, how they are. Your stories (news) are welcome. How you faced a society issue, your road problem, school admission…How is the nearby market growing and with this, its growing problems? These stories may be useful for others. Send us your concern, write as plain as you can…to… Send us Your Story

Tell Everyone You have an event in your society, get a place to announce this to all in Dwarka. We will publish your story and event news at popular Dwarka BLOG ( Dwarka is Blogging – Latest Breaking News is listed in this blog, you can add your comments.)

Our new venture Dwarka Info E-magazine ( monthly) : With your love, motivation and encouragement we are inspired to go ahead. After analysing response/ feed back from thousands of Dwarkaites during last five years and keeping in view our mission ( save environment – save paper), we launched

Dwarka Info e-magazine (Download )

Dwarka Parichay Newsletter.

You can send your articles, news, events, suggestions & comments to dwarkaparichay@gmail.com

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We wish a better tomorrow for you…

Warm Regards,

Dwarka Parichay Team