Salman Khan goes DA-BANGG on COLORS

 PremBabu Sharma

One of television’s biggest events, the COLORS Golden Petal Awards, will witness the presence of not only all the glittery and glamourous television stars, but also some Bollywood superstars. However, the brightest star of the night will be the biggest Khan in the industry, Salman Khan. One of the most sought-after actors in the Indian film industry, Salman Khan is known for his ability to pull off nearly any role and having a fan following unlike any other lead actor in the industry. Being the complete package, with the right mix of good looks, great physique and irresistible charm, Salman Khan never fails to win hearts with his dabangg attitude. 
The actor will be seen performing at the COLORS Golden Petals Awards night, with such finesse that the audiences will be spellbound. The actor, will be seen performing to songs from some of his most popular movies, that will keep the audiences stuck to their seats and leave them asking for more. With an array of highly talented television actors performing, some nail-biting awards inhatke categories, and the tadka of Salman Khan’s amazing performance, the audiences are bound to go home feeling like they have witnessed an event of a lifetime. The COLORS Golden Petal Awards night promises to be a night filled with some sparkling entertainment that will make it a thrilling experience.