“Health facilities galore but no taker”

A write up was published in in Dwarka Plus (A TOI supplement) titled “Health facilities galore but no taker,” (August 25). The work “….but no taker” suggest that the medical facilities are in surplus in Dwarka and that the demand for a Central Government Health Scheme dispensary is not justified. My question is that whether without such basic facilities, how can we truly call Dwarka – a sub-city?

I ask from the authorities that when a large number of Central Government – working and retired – employees are residing at Dwarka and they are contributing towards this facility to the government also, why there should not be a CGHS dispensary there. How many retd or working employee can afford the costly treatment of private doctors/ hospitals and why they should afford when they are contributing for the health service?

In reply to an RTI filed by the undersigned, Mr. R. Ravi, Dy. Secy. of Ministry of Health has, in his letter dated 22.8.07, informed that “at present there is no proposal to open a dispensary at Dwarka, New Delhi”. However, Mr. Ravi has not given any reason for the same. Is it justified that so much employees who are contributing for a particular service are kept out of its ambit and asked to go the Delhi govt dispensaries? Definitely, this amount to the deficiency of service. Is it not the duty of the Central Government to provide the medical facilities to lakhs of employees and the families of retd.(senior citizens) and its working employees near their residences?

Moreover, in the aforesaid write up of Dwarka Plus, apart from four Delhi government dispensaries which are now operational, it has been stated that all other scheme are in the pipeline. Can the employees wait till these schemes start working?

Mahendra Kumar Gupta
404/41/Sec. 10,
Dwarka, New Delhi-110 075.