Environmental atmosphere bangs in Dwarka

The children gathered at the water body at Sector-23 in Pochanpur village. Mr. P.K.Datta-Naturalist gave a small presentation on butterflies and told them about the importance of a water body and natural

wilderness. After that, the children engaged in activity of cleaning the pond and its surroundings. A lot of  plastic litter was picked and disposed in a dustbin. Some older boys went into the water to take out the plastic from inside the pond. Then, the children engaged in activity of bird watching. Some interesting birds that were seen were: large billed crow, Eurasian Golden Oriale, Indian Grey Hornbill, paddy field pipit, red wattle lapwing (Tatiri), Red vented bulbul, Jungle babbler, common babbler, Indian robin, red colored dove, rose ringed parakeet (parrot),plain prinia, purple sunbird, house sparrow, Asian Pied starling. Bank Myna, common myna, Black drongo.

Mr.Datta, coordinating delivery of 500 plants from DP & GS Nursery to Gold Croft Society followed by
organising an interactive meeting with Shri Radhey Shyam, Range Officer of DP&GS to apprise them of financial assistance scheme applicable for maintaining green areas in their respective societies largely attended by Mrs. Cicily Kodiyan, Ms. Shamira Ashroff of ANHLGT, Mr.S.S.Mann of Sukh Dukh ke Sathi and office bearers of societies from different sectors of Dwarka at Ispatika Apartments on the same day.

The participants were advised on different aspects of gardening by PK Datta and Shri Radhey Shyam. DP&GS and others complimented the efforts of PK Datta in this regard and requested him to coordinate with as many societies as possible to act as a catalyst amongst people and DP&GS.