How much water is suitable for drinking water?


Less than 1%
Explanation: Just 2.5% of the planet’s water is fresh. Less than 1% is readily available for human consumption because some of the fresh water is stored in the form of ice bergs. Actually, it is 4.04% of the world’s water is fresh water
Achievement of the Managing Committee of Rajasthan CGHS-
Installation of Water Meter in Rajasthan Society:-
“Despite that fact that ¾ area of the globe is surrounded by water still there is scarcity of potable water in the world. Less that 1% of the total availability of water is potable therefore every where people are worried about the future and this is the reason that people says that third world war will be for drinking water”.
In the sub city of Dwarka which is presently a home of 6-7 lakh residents getting only 2-3 MGD water supply from DJB whereas requirement is 10-12 MGD. Many writ petitions were filed before the Hon’ble High Court by the fellow residents of Dwarka and despite court order the adequate supply has not been arranged by the agencies responsible till date.
In our society there are 216 flats out of which nearly 190 is occupied. We decided to install water meter so that the wastage of precious water may be controlled and the residents also use it sensibly. The proposal for the installation of water meter was under consideration since 2006 and finally our newly elected Managing Committee took this issue on top priority.
Soon after the taking over of the present managing committee the project was started and after completion of work the residents are very happy to know that water bill since last two months are very-very reasonable.
The managing committee after calling 15 suppliers of pipes and fitting finally decide to install PPR pipes and fitting of Vectus make which fulfills the requirement fixed by the Bureau of Indian Standard. The total cost of installation came to approx 14 lakh for 216 flats.
 In the very first month of installation the total demand of water which was about 2.5 to 3 lakh liters per day in May to September has drastically fallen to 1 lakh liters per day. Even if we consider that demand may have fallen down due to winter but any how it is not going to increase 300% in next summer because, the residents are very conscious about use of water after installation of meter. Now we are able to supply water round the clock and there is no complain of wastage since last two months.
Our next proposal is to recycle of water used in kitchen which is nearly 30% of total consumption. The recycled water will be used for gardening and other purposes. Every society should install water meter for its judicious use.
Wish You A Very Happy New Year 2011!
1.         Sh. Man Mohan Jain                        President
2.         Sh. Sudhir Kumar                             Vice President
3.         Sh. P.S. Singh, Advocate                   Hony. Secretary
4.         Sh. Bhagwat Swaroop Goel             Treasurer
5.         Sh. Sanjay Goel                                 Joint Secretary
6.         Smt Madhu Rani                               Executive Member
7.         Smt. Krishna Aggarwal                    Executive Member
8.         Sh. Ishwar Dass Madan                   Executive Member
9.         Dr. M.J. Mathew                               Executive Member

10.       Sh. Ravinder Sharma                       Executive Member