Residents are living a miserable life in Adarsh Apartment, Sector-3, Dwarka

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 Dear Sir,

Good Morning….
As I had been receiving your daily/ weekly news from your end through DwarkaParichay.  It’s nice to see all the good news you are publishing.

I am a resident of Dwarka – Adarsh Apartment, Sect:3, Pocket:16.

I would like to inform you that our pocket is behind the NALA i.e next to Madhu Vihar and we residents are living a miserable life.  

I would like to state that :
Who is to blame for the faulty planning of DDA.  Why a small patch of 50 to 60 meters. was left uncovered that to before a DDA Society (ADARSH APARTMENT) consisting of 608 flats, where more than 2000 people are staying who are also a regular tax payers and also there were garbage lying near our pocket .

Sir, just I would like to know that will you be able to help our Society.

If you need any further information, I am ready to give you.  
Kindly arrange to do any needful at the earliest.

Thanking you for your kind cooperation.


Press Release on the occasion of the inauguration of the Sitapuri Drain coverage on Jan 8, 2011 by then Sh.Jaipal Reddy, Min. of Urban Development for your reference.



On a visit to the function organized by DDA on 8th January’11 to inaugurate the Sitapuri drain coverage project Sh.Jaipal Reddy, Minister of Urban Development announced that the uncovered portion of Palam Drain before the ADARSH APARTMENT, DDA SOCIETY will be covered.

Question is who is to be blamed for the faulty planning of DDA.  Why a small patch of 50 to 60 meters was left uncovered that to before a DDA Society consisting of 608 flats where more than 2000 people are staying who are regular payers of tax.

That the surroundings and the infrastructure provided to the residents at the time of allotment were in deplorable condition as the flats were built just in front of running DRAIN / NALLA of Palam.  That this open drain has made the living condition and life of the residents of society quite miserable and DDA Authorities cannot run away from their responsibilities.

DDA has built the flats and sold it to prospective customer being well aware that the society is in low lying place and just 10 to 15 meters away from the running drain of Palam.  Further instead of taking some viable decisions in favor of the society, the decision making authority undertook a task which shocked the residents.  DDA in the year 2005-06, gave the tender of building a road starting from Dabri Moad over the drain.  Residents of the society were quite pleased to know about it.

The road running over 3 Km starting from Dabri Moad touched many unrecognized colonies of Madhu Vihar and Dasrathpuri etc.  But to the ultra surprise and shock of all residents of the DDA Society the construction was just stopped near the boundary wall and open drain which was approximate to a distance of about 50 to 60 meter was left un-constructed / un covered.

Mr. V D Pant, President of RWA while thanking the special interest taken by Sh. Mahabal Mishra, M.P. of the area talked to the TOI correspondent and stated that residents are living before a pool of dirty drain water for last more than 10 years now and DDA had not taken any safeguards for the residents from air pollution and respiratory diseases due to stink/ gases arising from the nalla.  A memorandum was also submitted to the then Minister of Urban Development Sh.Jaipal Reddy by RWA members who immediately looking into to plight of the residents announced he package of the closure of the running nalla before the society.
Dr. L.C. Das, V.President of RWA told that many residents had suffered from respiratory problems and diseases like Cancer, Skin / Throat infection, Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid and Swine Flu etc. etc.  Another resident Mr. Rakesh Sharma stated that electronic gadgets like AC / Fridge continuously require repairs, due to the gasses and chemical emitting from the running nalla and small kids are getting sick and there is a danger of spread of an epidemic.
While DDA had cared to provide 60 feet road running parallel to many unrecognized colonies but it had left a open drain and not cared to built a small distance road because of which residents of Sector 3, Pocket 16 are facing miserable and inhabitable conditions of living due to stink/gases arising out of drain running parallel to their homes.
G.Secretary of RWA Mr. A.K. Chhabra stated that many letters, petitions were sent including to LG and Chief Minister and Senior Officials of DDA, but no action was taken and the residents are suffering for last more than 15 years and it was only when the RWA approached Sh.Mahabal Mishra, MP things started moving.  A fund of 14 Cr was also sanctioned for the water treatment and cleaning of the drain which comes under the F & D Department of the Governemnt.
The whole are is filled with Filth, Garbage and Human waste.  Mr. R.C. Dand a resident told this correspondent that even animal waste is being thrown in the nalla and due to it Kites and Vultures are flying over it.  Mr. Ramesh Chauhan, a resident blamed that the faulty planning of authorities and praised the efforts of the MP and stated that if immediate steps are not taken then there is a fear of mass epidemic anytime.
Nominated RWA Members :

Vinod D Pant               President RWA            09313633143
Dr. L.C. Das                 V President RWA        09818476898
A.K. Chhabra               G Secretary RWA        08826433673
Shankar                        Secretary RWA            09810403024

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