Immoral Earning Encourages Evil Activities

Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

The durability of success—not only in business but also in all fields of life—depends on working with a lot of effort, behaving in an honest and morally correct way and, maintaining truthfulness and integrity. Money earned by cheating may not last very long and may create various troubles in future, one way or another. 
Thieves, pickpockets, robbers, gamblers, etc. may make a fortune in no time but will hardly ever manage to make right use of their loot. Such earning by immoral means would ultimately end up encouraging the evil of careless spending and bad habits. Such immoral earning would also affect other family members in the household who may develop evil qualities, bad habits and bad character. Those who shy away from hard work and take up immoral way of earning easy money will also see their children becoming lazy, careless and work-shy; who may not be able to do anything worthwhile in their lives as they cannot appreciate the importance of working hard.