Increase in Airport Express Rates

To Delhi Airport Express Metro

We the commuters, have been repeatedly voicing our concerns regarding various issues faced by us. Before a resolution is found for one issue we find that we have many more to raise and resolve.

Reliance Metro seems to be on a path of challenging the commuters all the time.

The latest from your side is the Fare Increase in the monthly passes.

What we fail to understand the increase of over 50%. Do we get increments over 50% in any office, whether Govt, Private or Public Sector? There does not seem to be any logic of reducing / limiting the validity of number of days of passes. You increase the rate and you decrease the trips – this defeats every logic in the book. First of all, there should not be any limit on the days, as is done in the Metro. The card should be valid till it has the balance amount. Reliance seems to be have a unique systems of its own!

Just for an example:
The current estimate ridership between Dwarka 21 – Shivaji Statidum between (8am – 10am only) is approx 800 pax As against the 5000 pax. Which goes to show that even with the current capacity the utilisation is extremely poor. Now by increasing the fare this is going go down further.

We are utterly surprised/shocked by the motive behind such a steep increase.

The bottom line is :
The increase is quite steep – not unacceptable
Majority of the commuters will be happy to go back to METRO.
Majority of the commuters happy to take the car – more comfort.
Commuters have the choice and will be happy to take alternatives.


One more Important point – Your advertisement – Since when is this ‘BUSINESS CLASS’ introduced in Airport Express. After the fare increase? We have been commuting and did not see any ‘BUSINESS CLASS’ seats. Please enlighten us where is the exclusive coach attached.

Just to reiterate, we are unhappy and its discouraging to know regarding fare increase. Now its upto Reliance whether it wants ridership increase or happy to see them decrease.

Please go through our analysis sheet. Feel free to contact us if you require any clarification, we can explain you as well.

Sudha Iyer

Dwarka Forum