Presently the CGHS dispensary for DWARKA and other areas is under flyover crossing main road going to PALM/MANGLAPURI. All the CGHS beneficiaries have to cross the main road to reach dispensary and return taking wrong side to DWARKA. There are more than 60000 beneficiaries mostly retired senior citizens. Everyday they have to put their life in danger while visiting CGHS dispensary. Moreover in this dispensary there are more 60000 CGHS beneficiaries whereas in other CGHS DISPENSARIES there are on average 20000 beneficiaries. Patients go there in the morning at 6.00 am and are able to get medicine by 12.00 noon.

Now TWO CGHS DISPENSARIES in SECTOR-9 and SECTOR-23 have been constructed but the shifting of present dispensary to these TWO DISPENSARIES are being avoided on one or the other reason. All the CGHS beneficiaries should join together to press MINISTRY OF HEALTH to take action at the earliest to shift the present dispensary to TWO NEW DISPENSARIES- SECTOR – 9 and SECTOR – 23 so that CGHS beneficiaries could get some relief.

Citizen’s reporterR C THUKRAL