Skipping or Jump rope as it is called in some parts of the world is simply the single most beneficial and all encompassing sport or form of exercise. It can be performed practically anywhere and practiced alone or as a group activity. Skipping can also be incorporated into everyone’s lifestyle as a discipline in its own right or incorporated into training to bring performance benefits to any other sport. It can be used as a gentle warm up or low level activity or performed as a high intensity exercise. It is simply great fun!

 Skipping burns up to 900 calories per hour, making it extremely efficient when used as a workout. Skipping tones and develops muscles, obviously in the lower body but also in the upper body as well. Skipping will help improve cardio-respiratory fitness, flexibility, co-ordination, balance, rhythm and symmetry.

So, to ensure the fitness of the students, Inter School Rope skipping Competition 2016-17 was held in Sachdeva Global School on 1st and 2nd September 2016 under the supervision of Department of Physical Education and sports.

Dr. J.P. Sharma, (Associate Professor and Head of Department of Extension Services, Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences,University of Delhi), Mrs.Roshni Gulati,(Sports Supervisor of Zone 21 & 22) and Mr. N.L.Meena, (Secretory of Sports, Zone-21) consented to be the Chief guest for the event. Ms. Sumana Dutta Sarkar, (Head of Sachdeva Global School, Dwarka) welcomed the Chief Guests which was followed by the lighting of the Lamp. The first day if the event began with the competition for girls while the events for the boys were held on the second day.

The student of various schools of Dwarka participated enthusiastically in the competition. The team of Rope Skipping Association of Delhi presented their Rope skipping skills while the students of SGS, Dwarka performed Yoga before a huge audience. This was followed by the various events like Speed Sprint, Speed Endurance, Double Under and Free Style Individual and so on. The students of SGS brought laurels to their school by winning the First position in Under-19 Boys and Under-19 Girls where Third position in Under-17 Girls and Under-14 Boys.

Overall the Event was a Grand Success.