Invitation for Govardhan Puja on 4th Nov

Govardhan Puja is celebrated to honour & respect Sri Govardhan Hill, which is non-different from the Supreme Lord Krishna & has appeared from His divine spiritual kingdom. During his childhood pastimes, Lord Krishna used to go daily to Govardhan hill with his cowherd boyfriends & calves, & enjoy sports, pranks & his divine lunch with friends, while the cows & calves were grazing the fresh green grass of Govardhan Hill. He encouraged His devotees – the Vrajavasis that they should worship Govardhan Hill to honour its special position even in pre-eminence over other demigods (like Indra, etc.). Simply to please their beloved Krishna, the Vrajavasis headed by Nanda Maharaj (Krishna’s father) performed Govardhan puja by offering huge amounts of variegated foodstuffs. s part of His divine pastime, Krishna expanded Himself as the Govardhan Hill (i.e. His large form was visible on the Hill) & ate all the offerings of the Vrajavasis. He was satisfied only when a tulasi leaf was offered to Him. The Vrajavasis headed by Krishna also performed Govardhan parikrama (circumambulation) of Govardhan Hill – a practice which continues till today among devotees.

When Indra saw that his puja was stopped by the child Krishna, he was angry & summoned the Samvartaka clouds (used at the time of universal destruction) to show his might. Massive rain followed with waterjets as thick as pillars & big boulders falling on the area of Vraja causing great fear among Vrajavasis, cows & other animals. However, the Supreme Lord Krishna easily lifted the entire, massive Govardhan Hill, (covering many square miles in area),just like a child lifts a mushroom off the ground. By doing so, He provided instant relief & shelter to His dear devotees, as the heavy, destructive rain could no longer disturb any resident.

Thus Krishna crushed Indra’s pride & proved His Supreme nature. He demonstrated practically that it is sufficient to take exclusive shelter of Lord Krishna & worship Him exclusively- by doing so, all other religious requirements are automatically fulfilled. Once He lifted the Hill, all Vrajavasis (including cows) took shelter of the Hill no rainwater could fall & disturb the great devotee residents of Vraja. By Krishna’s desire, the perimeter of the Govardhan Hill was covered by Sri Ananta Shesha (the divine serpent bed of Lord Vishnu), so the rainwater could not enter under the Hill even from the sides. For 7 days & nights of continuous rainfall, During these seven days & nights the Vrajavasis were extremely happy to receive their dearmost Krishna’s intimate association, so much so that none of them felt any hunger & thirst – so nobody ate or drank anything for the entire 7 day period. They were satisfied simply by seeing Krishna’ beauty & enjoying words with Him.

Indra understood Krishna’s Supremely powerful nature & submitted. He later repented, begged forgiveness & prayed intensely to Lord Krishna & also brought the Surabhi cow from the heavenly planets to perform abhisheka (bathing ceremony) of the Supreme Lord to please Him.

Krishna lifted Govardhan simply by using the nails of the little finger of His left hand, to show His divine abilities. People today claim that “I am God” or “Krishna performed Rasa Lila with gopis, so why can’t we?”, or “we have the potential to become God” – we should not heed to them but simply ask them to either lift the Govardhan Hill (located near Mathura, UP) themselves & prove any such statement, or stop having worng notions & spreading wrong knowledge.

On the most auspicious occasion of Govardhan Puja today (4 Nov. 2013) we invite all residents of Dwarka & surrounding areas to the special Govardhan Puja celebrations at ISKCON Dwarka with special programs as outlined below:

8 am —-Katha
10. 30 am —Annakuta (Govardhan Hill made of food items) preparation, Parikrama & kirtan, Govardhan Puja (worship of  Govardhan Shila & annakuta)
12.30 pm –Arati
1 pm — Prasadam
6.30 PM — Sandhya Arati
7 PM — Damodarashtakam recitation with Deep daan

Venue – Sri Sri Rukmini Dwarkadhish temple, Plot No. 4 Sec. 13 (Near Hotel Radisson Blu), Dwarka

Please visit ISKCON Dwarka on this divine occasion & obtain special blessings & prasadam