Issues of electricity bills for individual residents in the Societies

In Dwarka some of the Societies are having centralized electricity meter and sub-meters were provided by the builder. The electricity bills of the same were being provided by the builders’ men @ approx.7.50 per unit plus some charges of Rs.250 per month. With the result, residents using 200 units per month or less are not getting the advantage of less rate by using minimum electricity. Moreover, number of residents are not paying their electricity bill and society has to pay late fee/interest on the same, in other words this is the burden to all residents.

It is suggested that if the electricity bills are paid directly by the residents, there is no question of paying late fee/interest on the same and individual residents will also get the benefit of using minimum electricity thereby paying slab rates as applicable to the individuals.

Citizen’s reporter
Mukesh Gupta

Resident of MK Residency
Plot-8-B, Sector-11, Dwarka