Shifting of parking site of MCD’s garbage vehicles

The Editor,
Dwarka Parichay

Subject: Shifting of parking site of MCD’s garbage vehicles from Sector-8 Dwarka.

This is to inform you that at the time of handing over/taking over of the charge for solid waste management of the entire Dwarka sub-city consisting Sectors 1 to 23 between MCD and DDA on 21.04.2005, MCD was allowed to use two sites by DDA, one measuring 2300 sqm in Sector-8, Dwarka and another site measuring 2100 sqm at Sector-16 B Dwarka for one year i.e. up to May, 2006 on purely temporary basis.

Madam, it is more than five years after the expiry of the terms, all the garbage vehicles of MCD pertaining to the entire Dwarka Sub-city are still being parked on this site at Sector-8, Dwarka. Due to this problem the residents are bound to live in such unhygienic/unhealthy conditions. There is very possibility of spearing chronic diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, Viral fever etc. Our Association has addressed several letters to different MCD officials to shift this parking site to save the precious lives of thousands of our residents. But so far no action has been taken by them.

The said plot of Sector-8 Dwarka is earmarked by DDA for shopping centre. The location of this plot is on the main road of the Sector at the crossing of Blocks A & B near the Medical Council of India in thickly populated area.

In this regard, it is for your kind information that even after five years of allotment, the site of Sector-16 (B) Dwarka is vacant and not being used by MCD for stationing of refuge collector and parking of garbage vehicles. It has also come to our notice that senior DDA officials of Dwarka have already requested MCD to vacate the site of Sector-8 Dwarka and shift to vacant site of Sector-16 (B) Dwarka at the earliest.

Thanking you and hoping for early action, please.

Arvinder Singh Chhatwal

Secretary, Residents Welfare Association®
Sector-8, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110077