ITBP personnel’s rescue and relief operation to earth quake victims in Sikkim

The earthquake occurred on 18th September 2011, evening at 1810 hours has paralyzed normal life in Sikkim, Eastern region of the country and neighbour country Nepal. It has caused loss of life and property. This earthquake has affected mostly the Pegong area of Sikkim.

ITBP has deployed more than 700 personnel for relief and rescue operations. ITBP rescue team has recovered 10 dead bodies from Tista project of Chungthang area and evacuated approximately 700 people including 26 tourists. Due to continuous raining in that region rescue operations is hampered. Despite that ITBP personnel are trying their level best to provide all required assistance to affected population.
Rescued people have been provided free boarding and lodging in ITBP campus. The people who sustained injuries are also being provided medical aid. No loss of life to ITBP personnel has been reported. Though some damage to Govt buildings has occured. On 18th night approximately 350 people have been rescued and on 19th September forenoon 10 dead bodies from Tista project of Chungthang area were recovered and 350 people have been rescued. ITBP rescue teams are equipped with sufficient equipments used for search and rescue work in mountainous region. These teams are trained for such types of search and rescue work as ITBP does most of the search and rescue work in high Himalayas.

Director General, ITBP Shri Ranjit Sinha has directed ITBP units deployed in Sikkim to provide all possible assistance to the earthquake victims.