J.M International school conducted an art competition ‘Small Hand Big Art’

J.M International school intensely in a fun –loving method conducted an art competition ‘Small Hand Big Art’ where students were free to brush their emotions. Keeping the constructive effects of art and colors in students’ growth, the students of classes Ankur- IInd enthusiastically displayed their skills with colors in the art competition. The event marked as an outstanding outlet of pure emotions and excitement for students. The themes were decided on the basis of young minds and energy. Topics were largely scenic beauty in nature/ landscape. As nature is the closest to young minds and one of the first teachers it became important to consider it as their mainstream topic for them to relate more.

Students excitingly took participation and showcased their brilliance with colors. It was overwhelming to witness mind-blowing adaptations of young students. Their exposure to the world and their version of their surrounding and nature was commendable. They were largely judged upon their creativity and understanding of colors in the context of their drawing and awarded by JM International School Principal MS. Anuradha Govind.