Javed Akhtar and Shekhar Suman at Sangeeta Babani painting Exhibition

Javed Akhtar and Shekhar Suman inaugurating Sangeeta Babani painting Exhibition
Abhishek Dubey

Mumbai has experienced the most prestigious and iconic art event where well known artist Sangeeta Babani showcase her new collection of Painting title “MYRIAD FEELINGS” which describes women emotions and imagination. The series depicts the nuance which was inaugurated by Bollywood famous personality Javed Akhtar along with Shekhar Suman. Javed Akhtar said, “It’s a pleasure to be present here and take a glimpse of MYRIAD FEELINGS painting. Each painting is subconsciously a motivated image provoking a beginning of a feeling, an emotion, and a thought at that time.”

Shekhar Suman was seen praising Sangeeta Babani Painting he said, “Myriad of feelings and Emotions depicting relationships. She has seduced by a white canvas that allows her to transform her feeling into the aura of colour and variety of elements.” New York Actress Kalpana Malviya was seen bonding with Miss Canada Shreya Patel and Kannada Actress Reshma D’souza and was discussing about MYRIAD FEELINGS painting which describes Joy, Ecstasy, Envy, Contentment, some strong, some diluted, some welcome, others not so welcome, feelings.
Producer Satish Reddy was mesmerised by Sangeeta Painting he said, “She is a wonderful artist and had shown her emotion and feelings through a magnetic colors which attract us toward them”.
Celebrities: Kannada Actress Reshma D’souza, Miss Canada Shreya Patel & New York Actress Kalpana Malviya
Sangeeta Babani’s works involves creation of Paintings that are essentially subtle confessions. They perform the role of a conveyor of personal feelings through colors. Every piece of work is perceived as a kind of relationship between the Artist and the viewer. She said, “The “MYRIAD FEELINGS” painting is my inner Feelings which help me to inspire and create it. Life comes out of our mind – thoughts mould the world in a direct form through actions and feelings that accumulate and combine with each other and form what surrounds us, colors and bold brush strokes help me breathe, and have become a language for me.” Everyone was seen adoring the creation of Sangeeta.