Soul Connecting Experience- My Kailash Mansarovar Journey-Part-1/4


Buddha Poornima happens to be the most celebrated day at Mt Kailash. Today is Buddha Poornima and I have decided to launch my travel blog on this auspicious day sharing my journey to Kailash Mansarovar at an altitude of 18,000 ft plus. Buddha Poornima is also celebrated as Guru Poornima by Hindus.

At an elevation of 21,778 ft Mt Kailash is the eternal abode of Lord Shiva as described in Hindu mythology. As per Buddhist belief, Mt Kailash is the navel of the Universe.

Last year, on Buddha Poornima I was at Mt Kailash, in Tibet, and totally mesmerized by the magical aura of Golden Kailash also revered as Golden Shiva. First time in my life I felt being connected to my soul. This was the moment of supreme bliss for me.
The golden hue on Mt Kailash is visible only under perfect weather conditions. I was fortunate that day to experience this heavenly sight and was quick enough to capture that glory in my camera.

Journey to Kailash Mansarovar has different meaning to different travelers. For devout Hindus and Buddhists this journey is the ultimate pilgrimage of lifetime. For me, this was a spiritual journey.

I had a strong desire to be at Mt Kailash on Buddha Purnima. Initially, I explored to travel through Govt. of India organized trips for Kailash Mansarovar but these trips depart between June and September.


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