JMIS students Visited to Bio Diversity Park

Students of class VIII were taken to a field trip of Aravalli Biodiversity Park, Vasant kunj on 4th feb 2014. The trip was organized by HT- PACE for the students.

The trip was well guided by Ms. AJITA (tour guide of Biodiversity Park), she played a part and parcel during the whole trail. She began with the history, the developments of the park and important features in form of an interesting story. Also cited some migratory bird during the trail. The species of plants, their common names along with their scientific names were also noted by children. They also cited a cave in which some reptiles usually hibernate. Some definite zones like medicinal area, tropical deciduous area and butterfly breeding area were remarkable. The trip ended with a short documentary on the Biodiversity Park. Children returned enriched and were excited to share their experiences with others.

Citizen’s reporter

Trishala Kaul