Tenant Verification Form

Servant Verification Form


Whereas a large number of commercial places/shops have come up in Delhi which are popularly known as Cyber Cafes and a large number of people visit them to use the facilities available in such places including e-mail facility.

2. And whereas it has come to notice that certain criminal anti-social elements/terrorists are using these facilities to mislead the security/investigating agencies, create panic in the public, endanger the security of VVIPs and Govt. Institutions, help in the terrorist activities directly affecting the security of the State.

3. And whereas it is necessary to take speedy measures in this behalf to prevent danger to human life or safety, to thwart/prevent terrorist activities, which may affect the security of the State and disturbance of public order and tranquility.

4. Now, therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred upon me by Section 144 Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 read with Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi’s Notification No. U-11036/1/2008-UTL dated 26.11.2008. I, R.S. Krishnia, Deputy Commissioner of Police, South-West Distt., Delhi do hereby make this written order for strict compliance by the owners of such Cyber Cafes in the jurisdiction of South-West Distt :-.

a. Prohibiting the use of Cyber Café by unknown person and whose identity has not been established by the owner of the Café.

b. Maintaining a register for identity of the visitor/user.

c. Make an entry in the handwriting of the visitor/user mentioning name, address, telephone number and identity proof. The visitor/user shall also sign the register kept for this purpose.

d. The identity of the visitor/user shall be established through identity card, voter card, ration card, driving license, passport and photo credit card (any one of them).

e. Activity server log should be preserved in main server and its record should be preserved for at least six months.

f. If any activity of the visitor is of a suspicious nature the owner of Cyber Café will immediately inform the police station: and

g. Record be maintained about the specific computer used by the person.

h. Cyber Café owners to ensure that users of Cyber Café are photographed on continuous basis & the record of the same is maintained properly.

5.  This order shall come into force with effect from 23.04.2010 and shall remain in force for a period of 60 days i.e. up to 21.06.2010 (both days inclusive) unless withdrawn earlier.

6. Any person contravening this order shall be punishable under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

7. As the notice cannot be served individually on all concerned, the order is hereby passed ex-parte. It shall be published for the information of public through Press and by affixing copies on the notice boards of the offices of all District DCsP, Addl. DCsP, ACsP, Tehsil Offices, all Police Stations concerned and the offices of the NDMC and MCD.