Justice For The Tainted Politicians !

R.D. Bhardwaj “Noorpuri”

It is a matter of great relief and satisfaction for the citizens of India that the much awaited verdict in the fodder scam have been finally delivered and accused put behind the bars. Not only that, they have also been barred from contesting the next general / assembly elections, as they played fraud with the tax payers’ money which were engulfed and wrongly channelised for their personal advantage of accused politicians and some other big officers. And because of this bungling, people of the state suffered huge losses in the form of lack of some amenities and facilities etc. to them in many ways, had those funds been utilised the way they were really meant to be spent.

Now the people are equally anxious to know the outcome of many other scams engineered during the past 8/9 years like – CWG Scam, 2G Spectrum Scam, Coalgate Scam, Adarsh Housing scam of Mumbai, Telecom scam , as lakhs of crores of public money have been plundered by a few powerful and greedy politicians and big bureaucrats by their deceitful maneuverings done to quench their insatiable greed for the wealth and other material things. It is also a matter of common concern to know as to how the files pertaining to the Coalgate scam went missing and who are going to benefit due to this sudden disappearance and the related deceitful act. Certainly, it might be only those who were likely to be found positive in the ongoing investigation. It is also pertinent to mention that the fodder scam was just a small one as compared to these big scams.

Hence, for their vanishing act of files, the Court should fix responsibility on them and ensure that they don’t get to roam about freely for causing a gigantic dent to the national exchequer, because these are the people who are, in fact, also responsible for stealing huge wealth of the nation and thereby putting a big stumbling block in the economic prosperity of the nation and otherwise impending opportunities for the common men. Moreover, these are the real culprits who are causing India lag behind many other developed nations around the globe. Investigations on those scams should also be expedited so that these scamsters could be brought to justice, particularly before the announcement of the next general elections.