The concept of home grown produce including vegetables and herbs is becoming latest obsession among gardening enthusiasts in the capital.

Apart from Floral beds aromatic touch is being added to the green spaces to enjoy the pleasures of growing one’s own food in Delhi homes. Even small patches of space including Kitchen window is being used by gardening enthusiasts to start a edible garden. A couple of pots of lettuce and herbs is providing pleasure and satisfaction to fresh from garden lovers.

“During the Two day Vegetable , flower and fruit show organised by All India Kitchen Garden Association (AIKGA) in capital which concluded today , the interests of visitors and buyers of plants and seeds is more towards growing own herbs and vegetables. Unlike previous years even the entries for display are more of home grown herbs and vegetables instead of flowers “said Mrs Bella Gupta, Secretary, All India Kitchen Garden Association.

“You can start your own mini herb garden right at your kitchen window sill. You can grow fresh garlic by putting a few pods in a pot and grow mint and coriander without any fuss. Using the fresh ingredients picked while cooking can add that beautiful aroma to any dish. From bay leaves, basil, black pepper, lettuce to lemon grass and more, I grow them all in my farm and it is such a satisfying moment to see these glorious beauties grow right in front of your eyes.” Said Mrs Bella Gupta.

“You don’t need a big back yard space to enjoy the pleasures of growing your own food. The tiny 3-metre vege patch in my back yard is right now producing beans, tomatoes, spinach, rocket, lettuce, courgette, spring onions, coriander, Mint, Lemon Grass, basil, bay, oregano, parsley and thyme. This helps one to incorporate one’s home grown produce into lots of dishes” Said Mrs Parinita Arora, one of the visitors at the two day event.

“During the event gardening enthusiasts mostly women were found showing keen interest in kitchen garden saplings and seeds instead of saplings of flowers and ornamental plants. One of the main reason is growing awareness about organic products and health consciousness” added Mrs Gupta.

The other highlights of the spring festival were Spot Live Demo’s ,vegetable fruit display competition , painting competition for children , session on eco gardening, sale of garden related items, farm fresh vegetables, seeds and plants for summers. Various chapters of the association in Delhi and National Capital Region presented whole range of nutrition food and related recipes to meet the needs of changing lifestyle.

The Two day Vegetable ,Fruit and Flower show was inaugurated by Mrs Ameena Jung ,Wife of Lt Gov of Delhi and prizes were distributed by Mrs Saumya Gupta, CEO and MD Delhi Tourism.