Sri VIS, Sector-18, Dwarka, New Delhi – Quarantech- Learning Exploring

Quarantech, a  tech cum busines  event hosted by the Student Council Members of Sri Venkateshwar International School, Sector-18, Dwarka. This event was organised to make sure that the spirit of learning together remains alive.

This tech event comprised 8 categories of events – Website Design, Presentation, Quarantine Photography, Memeory, Cryptic Hunt, Photoshop Battle, Boardroom and Gaming. The names of the members of the Organising Committee, who were the Event Heads, were Mr. Kapeesh Gupta, Mr. Ayush Bhatnagar, Mr. Nilabjo Mookherji, Mr. Shriansh Bahugana, Mr. Vidit Khandelwal, Mr. Riju Marwah, Mr. Arjun Garg, and Mr. Kartik Kumar respectively.

This event saw the participation of 42 schools from all over India also Canada and US, with about 400 participants internationally. The event took place on 13-14 June. On 13 June, at 10:00 a.m., Quarantech had its Opening Ceremony, which received the viewership of over 400 participants when it was live streamed on YouTube. The Opening Ceremony welcomed Professor Srikrishna Deva Rao, The Hon’ble Vice Chancellor at the National Law University, Odisha as the Chief Guest and Mr. Premchand Palety, CEO C fore as the Guest of Honour. Mr. Paramjit Principal APS, Ambala and Ms. Shivani Gupta Principal, Mayoor School, Ganganagar, Rajasthan also blessed the event by their online presence.

They were highly appreciative of the organizing team and the participants.

The results of Round 1 for four of the submission based events were announced in the Opening Ceremony.

The event had its Closing Ceremony on June 14 at 6:00 p.m., live streamed on YouTube itself to announce the winners of the event.  The Closinging Ceremony welcomed Ms Deepti Sawhney, CEO Mahattattava  and Mr. Premchand Palety, CEO C fore as the Chief Guests. The Closing Ceremony received the viewership of 384 people.

The winners of Cryptic Hunt, Photoshop Battle and Memeory were announced by Mr. Premchand Palety; winners of Gaming, Presentation and Quarantine Photography were announced by Ms. Deepti Sawhney; winners of Boardroom and Website Design were announced by Ms. Nita Arora, Principal of Sri Venkateshwar International School.

The following are the reviews by the members of the Organising Committee

“Quarantech was one of the most finely managed events that I ever came across. The numbers were low in the primary days, yet they increased dramatically in the days that followed. Our school Sri Venkateshwar International School has been a big support throughout the entire journey. I received the honour of becoming the Event Head of Boardroom. We received around 26 entries from not only India, but Canada and USA as well. We aimed to look at business models that help resolve modern problems, ideas that the markets of today require, or something innovative that the participants wanted to contribute to the world. Thus selecting 5 unique ideas we moved onto Round 2 for the event which occurred at 11:00 a.m. and was supposed to end in 1.5 hours, but we ended up having a conversation of around 5 hours. Every new thought triggered a more burning desire to learn in everybody’s eyes, I was fortunate enough to talk about Customer Lifetime Value, Retention Rates, Brand Architecture and Feasibility Structures. That day was long and tiring but what it showed me was that people with passion will always take out time for the thing they love. Two international participants remained awake all night long just to be a part of the conversation, and that fact fuels me even today, of how grateful and privileged I was to meet these people and discuss about their startup ideas and do a deep analysis for the same. It wasn’t just a mere competition that day, there were passionate wannapreneurs communicating, coordinating and learning from each other– the true form of startup culture and idea formation.” ~Arjun Garg

“Initially, when I decided to host Memeory, I thought I wouldn’t get many entries since it was an unconventional event to be held at an interschool level. I was genuinely surprised when I found out that 28 schools had registered for Memeory. They all had to submit 7 entries, so I had a pretty good laugh while judging them. My overall take from this event was that Indian teens have great humour. The event was hosted on discord, 400+ participants had joined the server. I had fun managing and interacting with so many people at the same time, it felt refreshing in this period of quarantine” ~Shriansh Bahugana

“Photoshop Battle had around 35 schools out of which 3 were chosen as winners. This event was all about showing your creativity. Participants could edit given material as they wished to, there were no restrictions, and so all the submissions were quite interesting and creative. Participants really were able to show their creativity through this event. It was great to see everyone make something different from the others. All the submission were good, some were better than the others and took the prize. It was a great learning experience for me and I’m sure also for all the participants. I wish to see everyone do even better next time!” ~Riju Marwah

“I would first like to thank the SVIS staff and Principal Ma’am for letting me host the Gaming segment in Quarantech. I had a lot of fun hosting as I was able to witness some matches really closely. I had the privilege to see some very experienced players and was able to meet a lot of new people in the process. There were a total of 36 Non-SVIS Participants that took part in the event. There were 3 rounds that took place. The first round consisted of mass elimination of participants by putting 9 gamers out of them in a match against each other and selecting the top 2 participants from each lobby created. Round 2 consisted of 1v1 matchups that eliminated 4 more participants based on a 10 minute, point based match. The Final Round was a free for all to decide the rankings of the top 4 players and this match was streamed on YouTube as well. I and Shriansh did a live commentary on the match and this was streamed with the help of my fellow friend and Krunker Content Creator – Riox. I would say that such kinds of events are a must for students so that they are able to see gameplay and so that players can take things on a competitive level and witness their skill.”  ~Kartik Kumar

“Quarantine Photography event was one of the more creative events of Quarantech. All of the submissions were phenomenal. I absolutely loved judging all the great artists. We had over 400+ participants in the entire event and even though the organising committee only consisted of 8 members, the response of our competition was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend even if we worked hard for 3 weeks straight. The judging criterion was split into 3 categories for both of my rounds and most of the photographers conveyed the topics through their photographs perfectly. I hope to see you all soon.” ~Nilabjo Mookherji

“Firstly, I would like to thank Principal Ma’am for letting us conduct this event and trusting our plan. I was the Moderator for the Presentation event and it had 41 participants overall. There were a total of 2 rounds, and 6 entries were selected for Round 2. The Topic – Cyber Safety, was planned in such a way that it creates a sense of awareness among the participants. The level of competition I observed was slightly above average as I found some of the presentations were very innovative and creative with voiceovers too. The age category of my event was from classes V to VI. It was a great pleasure solving their queries and helping them. Apart from the competition, guiding them with some basic techniques and general things felt great. After the closing ceremony too, I received a couple of calls thanking and appreciating the event. So overall, it was a very nice and learning experience for me and surely for all the participants too.” ~Ayush Bhatnagar

“When the team was in the initial stages of formation, I’d never thought that we would get the response we got. While I was designing the Cryptic hunt the fear of “no participation” was always at the back of my mind. I can say that I was pleasantly shocked to find over 60 people enrolled. Though I did design most of the hunt, it would never have been possible without support of the team. We had some problems when we started the hunt (LIKE 5 ANSWERS LEAKED), but we overcame that problem. Throughout the hunt, I got countless messages from participants and there were people up till 4:00 a.m. solving the hunt. This showed me how interested they actually were and this made me feel satisfied about the hunt, it was the best part about it. I interacted with more people than I had in 3 months. For the hunt, the competition was neck to neck between two teams and 4 others just behind them. Even I had lots of fun interacting with the participants. When the event ended and the participants appreciated my effort, I felt that all my effort were not in vain. I am very thankful to our faculty and Principal Ma’am for allowing us to host this phenomenal (i like to think so) event and have the time of my life” ~Vidit Khandelwal

“In Website Design we had around 40 schools registered including 3 entries from our school. The main aspects I was looking for in the websites were User Interface, Colour Coordination, Features and Accuracy of content. I felt the participants were new to website designing because as of my knowledge of design interaction and correct use of colours was missing. Some of them were exceptionally good and some were straight out of the textbooks. I had a tough time deciding the winners because the entries for the second round were far better than the one in the first round; all the eight people had a tough competition. I still wonder how the participants managed to pull off a better design in one-sixth of the time. Overall interacting with so many people over a course of a month made me learn new things and made my Quarantine a pleasurable experience.” ~ Kapeesh Gupta

The students were grateful to get the opportunity of hosting a competition at this scale, all of them have learnt a lot about team work, coordination and communication in the previous weeks. They were really thankful to the Faculty at Sri Venkateshwar International School for supporting their idea of hosting an online tech event.

Learning continuum continues and has become more enriched with the students of the STEM Club of Sri VIS taking the role of leaders and mentors.