A Leadership Camp organized at JM International School

Responsibility in leadership means accepting the duty to contribute to others and follow through expectations. A Leadership Camp was organized with great potential and ideas which guided the students of Grades IX-XII at JM International School on 2 November 2016. The camp was organized by Ms. Lakshmi Hariharan and Mr. Rohit from Spectra Genie and Logout@ work respectively. The day commenced with an interactive session in the auditorium through Audio-Visuals, Quiz, Question and Answer Round, Animations, Case Studies etc which was enjoyed by the students. The presentations aimed at various aspects including Personality Grooming and its importance, tricks to attract others, positive attitude and its importance, ways to develop a positive attitude, vocabulary enhancement and logical reasoning ability.

The second session comprised of 10 activities stimulating activities such as Spider web, Acid River, Big Finger, Giant Maze etc focusing on team building, collaboration, effective communication, leadership, team spirit, team connect, cooperation, goal setting to name a few among students in which they were excited to play the role of a leader and gave a thought to the responsibility associated. Students gained valuable insight about the importance of strategizing, coordination and meticulous planning in order to gain success in all the arenas of life.