Bollywood Actress Richa Chaddha launched in New Delhi

Bollywood Actress Richa Chaddha, Mr. S.S. Dogra-Mg. Editor-Dwarka Parichay 
 talking to Mr.Rakesh Sharma-founder

Bollywood Actress Richa Chaddha-Chief Guest launched at press conference in New Delhi. Mr.Rakesh Sharma-founder sabakuch informed Mr. S.S. Dogra- Mg. Editor-Dwarka Parichay that is a free, unique social networking site that enables its user to create three different profiles serving their different needs. The site is designed in such a way that the users find an ease to make friends as well as professional contacts.


Founded in 2014, the website comes up with other features all merged together under one roof. These features include ability of the user to get entertained, enhance knowledge and communicate with people. With Sabakuch, it’s easy to connect with masses, buddies and brains. With online communication gaining popularity, is a unique perspective that allows its users not only to communicate but also fulfill their other requirements. Signing up in Sabakuch is an easy process as it takes just a few seconds to create an account. Biometric login system in this website provides its users a effective system where they can secure their account. Connections and communication is an important aspect of social networking sites. Mentioning personal information such as date of birth while creating the account is a vital criterion of this website as it will help the other users to connect with the people of same age group. The three modules on the Sabakuch page such as O-Zone, My-Zone and Biz-Zone reflect three different functions that can be performed by the user simultaneously. These trios comprise of a number of options each possessing specific options. The users have the facility to make friends and post updates in My-Zone and O-Zone along with adding photographs and video.

Another relevant feature of this website is the Biz-Zone, a platform especially developed for professional users. Biz-Zone represents a powerful platform where users can promote their brands or get information about existing companies. Social networking sites are becoming more social with the incorporation of new features and Sabakuch makes its way in this whole process. The event option in Sabakuch offers its users an amazing platform where they can invite their friends for various event types. Addition of education portal feature is like a shining star in the Sabakuch world. Social networking sites can be used as a competent way by which knowledge of the users can be enhanced. Sabakuch help its users to access relevant content on topics of different subjects. The content is made available to the users in three diverse forms namely, audio, video and write-ups. Sabakuch expand opportunities for learners of various fields to gain desired knowledge with effective means. Education portal of this website aims at delivering influential content that will nurture basic skills of the students. In today’s technological era, social networking sites are not only restricted being a primary source of communication; rather their functionality has been stretched out considerably. Sabakuch is one such greater move in this respect where people can not only communicate but also enhance their knowledge and get entertained with music and games section. is a virtual landscape that help its users to get adapted to the digital environment in a more convenient and effective way.